WARNING: May contain naughty language.

Monday, April 30, 2012

In My Grubby Paws

I got a very pleasant surprise over the weekend. Between yardwork, running errands on the weekend, celebrating the 100th anniversary of my son's Boy Scout Troop and other sundry activities I received a parcel in the mail.

Kinda looked like an Amazon book order, but I didn't order anything. When I saw the postmark of Australia, my heart started pounding. Ticonderoga Publications is located there! I tore open the box in a frenzy of cardboard scraps and gazed upon the pure unadulterated beauty of two (2) contributor copies of "Damnation & Dames" featuring my first published work!

After changing my undies, I inhaled deeply of the virgin pages and smiled. Don't worry - I'm not getting all "Fifty Shades of Grey" (or "Fifty Pages of Crap" as I've heard it described) on you.

I was simply...pleased? Proud? Beaming? Maybe all of the above.

I'm halfway through all the shorts in the work and I've been blown away by how good they all are. 16 top notch "paranoirmal" tales (credits go to Alan Baxter for that phrase). Can't wait to post on Goodreads about the book. And the cover absolutely kills! At least as good as Chuck Wendig's "Blackbirds" which has generated a ton of noise about the quality of the cover -- check it out and read the book. You won't be disappointed.

But more importantly, grab a copy of "Damnation & Dames" and settle down for some first rate entertainment.