WARNING: May contain naughty language.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Every day in my "work life" I'm responsible for a dozen decisions. 

  • Where do we need to hire technical talent?
  • What kind of training does X need to become even better?
  • Is there true technical alignment in our latest engagement?
  • Where should I eat lunch?
Making such decisions has become far easier over time. As a fan of Gladwell's "Blink" I often go with my gut and am seldom disappointed. Usually works out fine. Or at the very worst I can go back and refine my decision after the fact.

Yet I have a terrible time making decisions about my writing and where to spend the scant time I have during the day.

  • Which "A" lister publication should I try to get a rejection email from next?
  • Should I work on my novel or take a break to write a short piece for an interesting anthology?
  • Oxford comma or not?
  • What workshops to attend this year?
  • Of the seven books on my bookshelf, which one is NEXT?
I twist and turn, weighing each decision almost to the point of analysis paralysis. I sweat, ring my hands and take long walks to get a better perspective. When I finally do decide, I'm immediately gripped by anxiety that I've made a terrible mistake.

Yet, to this point, I've been cool with each choice. So, maybe I should stop worrying and just write. Yeah! That sounds like a perfect idea...but what if I'm working on the wrong thing? 

Oh, well. 

Analyze --> Decide --> ACT --> Enjoy