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Friday, February 3, 2012

No. DO Cross the Streams.

I love my RSS feeder. Just let the little sucker run over night, check in the morning and see what you've caught. Makes me feel like one of the toothless, backwoods hillbillies we see more and more of on "sur-reality" television shows in the extended HD channel ranges checking for possums, coons or squirrels every morning.

"Dang, Cooter! Look at the foam on that possum's mouth. Looks like he might have the ray-bees."
"Yup. Thas okay, doh. You cain't catch ray-bees if you cook em on a spit long enuff."

Yesterday I got a live one. Mouseferatu (kick-ass author Ari Marmell) has posted a killer contest in collaboration with a dozen or so other authors called "Crossing the Streams."

The idea is beautiful in its simplicity; each of the sponsoring authors has a simple question on their respective websites/blogs. Your task is to browse each location and answer the question via email or HTTP POST. And while you're there, check out their work.

I consider myself to be very well-read in the field of sci-fi, fantasy and other brands of speculative fiction. But I stumbled across some really interesting picks to go on my list of "2 B RED" books. Even got a couple of emails from the authors directly in response to my answers to their questions, which was really cool.

I visited over a dozen author websites and dutifully answered the posted questions (incorrectly, in one case) and spent WAY TOO much time looking over their publications. Of course, there are winners in the contest -- lots of free book giveaways -- but I really enjoyed seeing how other authors are getting their names out to the public.

Make the time between now and the end of the month to visit the link above. Who knows? You might even stumble across your next favorite author.

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