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Monday, September 4, 2017

Back on the Wagon

So the usual excuses apply.

  • I'm still perplexed and profoundly disappointed by the 2016 elections ("выборы")
  • The Day Job has exploded in urgency and scope
  • Too many changes at home to allow time to work on the blog
  • Twitter is more fun
But that's all BS. All true but still BS.

Fact is, given a choice between writing a short or working on a novel vs. updating a blog which is visited only on the most rare of occasions, I'll take the submittable work every time.

By way of catch up since my last post, February of 2017:

  • I've beta read at least a dozen manuscripts
  • Have submitted to at least four times as many publications
  • Have cheered (and turned a slight twinge of green) as several of my more focused friends reach book deals.
  • I've written around eight new pieces with varying degrees of success
  • Still working on the same novel (mostly)
  • Attended Paradise Lost (San Antonio, TX) and enjoyed it greatly
  • Made a completely new and impressive circle of writerly friends in Chicago
  • Acting as a juror for the 2018 Stoker Awards - though it feels more like slush-reading
  • Took on a couple of new Patreons - to fuel my DeMedici fantasies
When I've got an hour to spare in the future, maybe I'll crank out quick blogpost to keep the saw sharpened.

But maybe not.

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