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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Been a Little While...

Holy crap. The entire month of May just sort of flashed by. While there may not have been any posts for the month, I was certainly busy. Work stuff (and tons of it) plus trying to re-jigger some older stories I've written. A couple of them are worth saving - but one, my first stab at a novel - is totally terminal.

"Damnation & Dames" has been out for a little under a month and as near as I can tell only members of my immediate family have actually purchased the book. Thanks Mom! Ah, but I exaggerate. I've actually received several emails regarding my short story in the book. Complimentary for the most part, so I'll take it.

I've got a few other projects in the hopper and more than a few wandering the wilds looking for a home.

In addition I'm anxiously awaiting word from the awesome writer's workshop called "Viable Paradise" held every year in Martha's Vineyard. A good friend of mine attended some years ago and claims it is the single most valuable experience in his writing career.

Other bits and pieces incude;

- If you've missed out on the uproar on Agency-based Pricing models, author Joe Konrath has plenty to say on the matter. I respect his writing and passion, but I feel compelled to get a different opinion on the matter. Not that I don't think he's right, but I suspect there may be more at play than royalties.

- Chuck Wendig is consistently killing it over at Terribleminds.com with incredibly accurate (and hilariously lewd) advice on connecting your kick-ass beginnings with the rocking climax - that arid no-man's land called "The Middle" which is my current weakness. BTW, check out his latest novel "Blackbirds" if you haven't made the time yet. It absolutely rules. Hard.

- My most anticipated book coming out in June is, without doubt, "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn. The author went to high school with my wife and I've known her since my college days. We both took Creative Writing @ the University of Kansas with the same creepy teacher. Obviously she got more out of it than I did. Her previous books were totally killer with a very unique style of prose. And by unique, I don't mean that as a polite word for crappy. Some of her sentences and descriptions can be used to cut steel.

Enough for now. Got some writing to do.

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