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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Endless Summer

W00T! On Monday I got a very pleasant surprise via email. The gracious folks at Viable Paradise have accepted me (along with 24 or so other writers) to their 2012 session in October.

This is going to be an amazing experience. One of my "writerly" friends participated some time ago and claims it was the single best thing he ever did to improve his writing, focus on the craft, and make some great new friends.

I'm actually humbled by the invitation as I know many, many writers apply every year.

With instructors like Elizabeth Bear, Steven Gould, Steven Brust, Debra Doyle, Sherwood Smith, James D. MacDonald, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, and Teresa Nielsen Hayden I'm looking forward to spending the week with a "writing fire hose" hanging out of my mouth for 6 days.

The only drawback to the whole experience is having to wait for 108 days before flying off to beautiful Martha's Vineyard.

<Sigh> I suspect it will be a very, very long summer. Seemingly "endless",  I'm sure.

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